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All the corridors were silent now that the transport vessel has come to a stop. No life could be found on the ship except for six remaining survivors. But for these young survivors their lives weren't going to be cut short no, they were going to be altered.

37,990 years later, a squad of Ultramarines is sent on their latest mission. "So what is it again that we need to get?" asked a young Astarte. "Well Maul, I think it's something very important, since it has the sergeant very tense for some reason." said his squad battle-brother Eoral as they turned their gaze to their leader Sergeant Caern. Caern had a concerned look on his face but either way it was hard to tell what he was thinking or feeling with his gaze of steel. "HEY!! Wait for the rest of us!!" came a booming voice from behind them that made Maul somewhat flinch. It was the rest of the squad; the one walking ahead was Gerak, who was known to be a hardhead and short-tempered. "Did you guys really think you were going to leave without us?" he asked with a slight sign of a developing temper. At that it was obvious that they had no choice, so Sergeant Caern, granted them their request. As soon as they were on the ship, everyone at the controls gave an all clear for the flight path to their destination. Maul could never hide his excitement he loved flying through space at high speeds but, they didn't care how they get there, they just wanted to fight for the Emperor.

As they left, Eoral started to get a strange feeling; he knew that where they were going wasn't far, but now he was starting to wish that they could get there a little faster. He didn't want to mess with any of the controls, so he simply headed down to a spot down the hall where he could sit and figure out what the problem was. When he finally sat down, the feeling started to worsen. He could now hear small whispers in the back of his mind, saying his name, getting louder by the second until finally they stopped. The moment they stopped, Eoral heard Caern's voice. "Are you feeling well, brother?" he asked. Eoral slowly stood up; his head was now a little dizzy from before. "I'm fine, it's... Just a headache that's all. How long until we arrive?" He said hoping to change the subject. Caern didn't seem to be bothered by the change of subjects. "We're already there." He said as he pointed out of a wide viewpoint. Eoral walked to the thick sheet of glass and what he saw made him raise an eye-brow "What in the name of..."

The ship that sat in front of them seemed more like a giant pile of scrap metal. Eoral turned to Caern in confusion. "What happened here?" he said, struggling to keep himself in control of his emotions. Caern didn't answer right away as if waiting for him to figure it out for himself. Then he said: "It was raided a few months back by Chaos marines. We weren't able to get the signal until a day ago. We don't know of any real survivors yet, so we're just here to check things out until the Navy figures something out." Eoral stood there for a few moments. "There's something on that they want, isn't there?" He asked, his voice stern, showing that he was serious about the situation; the reasons for that was that he knew the chances of there being a trap waiting for them. Caern's expression didn't change, but his eyes told Eoral that was the point.

As they approached the abandoned vessel not one of them felt any comfort in this situation. They knew the chances that could end their lives, but at the same time it wasn't anything they haven't gone through before. Maul hesitated for a moment when he noticed an arm caught between two scraps of metal. He immediately shook it off so he could catch up with the others. Finally, they made it to the interior section of the ship. They turn their helmets to night vision so they could see better in the darkness of the ship. The scenes were just as bad as the outside; there were body parts and bits of metal floating everywhere. Feril does a quick scan of the ship with Uman's help as the others investigate nearby rooms. "Hey I think we found something," Uman yelled to the others. Tallok was the first to ask, "What is it?" Uman merely shook his head and said, "You won't believe this."

Sergeant Caern was now moving more eagerly down the corridors of the vessel. Most of the others had trouble keeping up with him. Then Caern turned to Feril, "How much further till we're there?" he asks with a strange tone. Feril, who struggled to keep up answered, "Just take the hallway to the left, fourth door down on the right." Caern turned to the others and said, "We must be very careful. I promise by the Emperor's name to explain everything later." Everyone understood that this now meant they were going to see what the fuss was about and what was so important.

When they got to the doorway, it was covered with claw marks; obvious signs that someone or something had tried to get in but failed. Caern turned to Tallok and nodded, Tallok nodded back. He then lifted his chainsword and started to cut through the door as if it was wood. Once the door was open, Eoral and Caern were the first to enter. When they saw the coast was clear, everyone else entered as well. But what they found wasn't what they'd expected. Instead of finding a wounded survivor, they found six container units, but only three of them actually contained something, or should we say someone.

"What in the Emperor's name is this?" Maul said as he approached one of the containers. The one he came to, contained a small child of what he assumed was a boy. He could see the fingers twitch in a sign that meant the boy was still alive but he could not help to wonder why was a child possibly not even an adolescent doing in a container unit. The others were too busy looking at Caern to notice him. "We've finally found them," Caern said in a pleased tone, he then glances at his unpleased brothers. "These children you see before you are known as the 'Origins' of who we are today. They each represent a piece of what makes us warriors. They represent the three main characteristics needed I don't know which is which but they signify the mind, body, and soul of ourselves." They stared for a moment at their sergeant but before they could speak Geraks' auspex screen was filling up with red "unfriendly" markers.

Before any of them could do anything, Eoral instinctively ran to one of the containers and tried to move it, it was easy to move because there was almost no gravity. "They're on back up batteries, they should have enough power to last them until we get back to the ship!" said Caern as he did the same thing to a container much larger than the others. Maul was able to get his with ease but, he could of sworn that the expression on the boy's face changed for a moment. His focus immediately returned when a giant red figure took shape in front of them blocking their only exit,"GIVE THEE BLOOD OF ORIIIGINS!!" yelled the daemon as it's smaller counter parts made their way past it. "Maul!" Maul turned just in-time for one demon to leap at him causing the container to fall from his grasp. "NO!! THE BLOOD OF ORIGIN MUST NOT BE HAAARMED!!" yelled the large daemon and with that Maul's assailant turned it's attention to the container catching it just before hitting the ground. But the moment that daemon touched the container a large flash came, blinding the space marines and obliterated the daemons all at once. While they regained their vision Tallok turned his head to Caern and asked "What was that?" Caern glanced around the room before answering. "A defense mechanism used to protect the youths from any demonic touch or influence I believe." He got up as did the others as they all had been nocked clean off their feet. Gerak went over to Maul and offered a hand. "That was a close one you had their brother."

With caution the Ultramarines made their way through the interior of the abandoned vessel. "So Caern how do you know so much about these youths?" Maul asked while staring at the contained youth he obtained. Caern was not surprised at the question, "Only a selected few are allowed to know of them I know because the head Chaplain told me. He said that these youths are not normal humans as you already know but what makes them different is not just their symbolism as warriors. It's what they are capable of as individuals but I'm afraid my knowledge stops there for the head Chaplain said that when the time is right their talents or capabilities will be revealed." He then comes to a stop, glancing around the corridor, "Strange." he turns to Feril who was carefully checking their surroundings. "I don't understand this is the exact way we came into this place." Feril explained. "As you all know I never forget things like that." That was something they all knew true of their brother. "But in this case it's almost like the walls themselves have shifted."

During everyone's silence the three contained youths began to stere in their contain-units, immediately Caern places his on the ground and examines it. "Ballocks!! We're running out of time, their timers have already begun." He said pointing to the red glowing numbers on the side of his. Tallok payed little attention to the matter for his attention was on a low moaning that felt as if to slither through the surrounding metal. "Brothers I believe we have company."
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